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Alice Watier

Live with passion

“I am lucky enough to be driven, more and more everyday, by a

passion for creating and making innovative and geometrical bags in

high-quality and colourful leathers. I launched my brand to share this

passion with you.”

Alice Watier, 27, leathermaker and Artistic Director of AW Atelier Paris





Feb. 27th 1992 – Born in Rennes, Brittany, France.


2011 – Moves to Paris and studies Applied Arts (MANAA).


2012  – Studies fashion, shoes and leather goods for two years.


2013 – Prototypes her first handbags while completing her studies.


2014 – Receives her leather goods CAP diploma from Ateliers Grégoire and launches her brand, AW Atelier Paris, using her initials.


2014-15  – Completes a 4 months apprenticeship at the workshop of Delphine Delafon, followed by a 2 months apprenticeship with Valérie Salacroux.


2016 – Launches her official website and e-shop.


2017 -Introduces the existing AW handbag collection with the creation of the Ana, Joan and Carry bags.


2018 – Creates the AW logo, releases a collaboration with Septem Paris and launches the Frida bag.


2019 – Displays bags at Parisian concept store Empreintes, adds the Mia, Luna and Romy bags to the existing collection.

Why did I launch
AW Atelier Paris ?

I started to create my own bags because I wanted to put into pratice what I was learning in school. From the start, I loved dreaming up new models, trying to make them and making mistakes – until I finally ended up with the perfect prototype. Bit by bit, it helped me to improve my technique and further my passion for leather goods.


After getting more practical experience apprenticing in workshops, I realized that working for other craftspeople was not as exciting as working for myself. So it was an obvious choice for me to create my own brand. Searching for beautiful skins to work with and inventing new designs motivated me more and more every day and I now want to share this passion with you.


My personal style is quite classic, but I like to twist that simplicity with a colourful accessory and I want my bags and belts to boost my looks.

sac seau ana python kaki cafe parisien colore look vintage

« For me, the bag is that essential accessory that completes any outfit.  Changing a bag can change your entire look.  That’s why I’ve focused on designing pieces that adapt to all of the demands of my daily life, as well as yours. » Alice

My vision

High in vitamins

sac ana jaune plongé fruits


Sac à dos Mia paon, set de ceinture et pochette Luna framboise python sur table en marbre avec vase bleu et fleurs séchées


sac ceinture Frida framboise posé sur table noir miroir devant modèle Nikita qui sourit


Julie sac à main Romy bo vintage

My inspirations

The 60’s and 70’s spirit

Bright & citrus colours

The warm Summer light

Airy spaces with glass walls

Handmade tableware

Geometrical shapes

Overgrown green plants

Wild nature

Moving bodies

Smiling women

Colourful & abstract art

Minimalist design

Transparent clothing

Things that make me smile

Sketching new AW models

Manual activities

Going to the beach in Brittany

Having a drink outside in Summer

Visiting Paris’s most touristic locations

Hunting for treasures in vintage shops

Spending time with my love

And my family

Roller disco parties

Dried herbs and flowers as decoration

Winter cocooning

Going hiking at high altitudes